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What Kind of SEO Benefits Bring Guest Posts?

With the increasing competition online to rank higher, it’s important that a website has strong SEO with strong content. One of the ways to use the content for the SEO benefits is by extending the reach and visibility of the website by contributing to websites that have a high Domain Authority.

Guest posts are online contributions to a website which allow one to expand their reach by connecting newer relevant audience. This allows for better engagement on different platforms and helps in maximizing the ROI and pushing your keyword to the first page. With a little research, any website can contribute to various online guest posting website that will not only increase the rankings but also have an effect on the traffic of any website.

Guest posting is riding high, and many consider it to the most powerful tactic in ranking keywords while performing SEO. Many, however, still disagree and talk on how guest posts are being misused. Many have failed to understand the real value of guest posting as marketers take it as yet another link building activity. This has them creating low-quality content that provides no new information. The submissions and approvals of these blogs only add to the junk on the website and pollute Google.

Guest posting provides SEO benefits, which are far greater than using it as a vehicle for mere link building. Using the ultimate powerful method, users can build relationships that can help one in multiple ways, which include developing opportunities for business, setting brand value, and getting the link juice.

Relationship Building:

Many online blogs state that guest posting helps in relationship building. However, it takes time to get yourself known. As an individual or as a company – you’ve to make sure relevant information is provided, and the content you make is of rich content quality.

Contributing content helps one in building relationships; however, it does take time, but you should be consistent in the activities being performed. Submitting a single guest post for SEO benefits isn’t enough. If one intends to forge a relationship that lasts – make your mind interact with the audience reading your blog plus follow the editors to see what they’re saying on the guest post you wrote. Many have benefited from using the relationships built through guest posts to land newer clients and increasing sales by providing SEO benefits from the same.

Reach more audience

It’s a general understanding that the higher the number of the relevant and targeted audience, the greater will be the conversion rate.

This is why many go for blogging to reach the targeted audience – however, what does one do when the audience is mostly on high traffic and high Domain Authority website? They use guest posting!

Guest posting websites allow users to target niche and attract the relevant audience on to their website. It not only brings higher traffic but also enables websites to rank higher on the keywords that they were targeting.

Lastly, Getting Backlink

Let’s not ignore the SEO Benefits of guest posting with link building. High quality links are made by contributing articles on the niche related to your website. Within a short span of time – a website can increase its Domain Authority depending on the link quality being made. A website’s authority can be checked using MOZ’s toolbar.

Tips for enhancing SEO benefits with guest posting

Many work hard on their guest posting skills; however, they still fail to attract the right audience and fail to reach higher visibility. To enhance the results, these tips should be taken into consideration:

  1. The author bio should be clear and concise
  2. One link should be mentioned to a previous blog
  3. The call-to-action should never be missed
  4. Always keep a track on traffic that the guest post generates on your website
  5. Promote the guest post on your social media platforms to reach a wider audience and have a greater interaction

How to identify a high quality guest posting website

How does one differentiate between a high quality guest posting website and an average one?

First, what one should consider is the traffic that the website generates per day. This can easily be checked using the SEMrush tool. Higher traffic allows an opportunity for the users to add value to their own website as a fraction of it will be reading the guest post, which will be published.

Further factors to take into consideration include the spam score. The spam score of any website should never be above 30. If it’s above that – the website is bad news, and any considerations of getting a link shouldn’t be made.

The site with Domain Authority above 30 makes a website of high quality. This shows that the website gets links from many high authority websites and hence will not negatively impact your website.

Looking at the previous blogs published on the website, one can check with the “Inspect tool” if the link given on that website is Do-Follow or No-Follow. A simple link in HTML means it’s a Do-Follow. These links can are beneficial, and hence a guest blog can be submitted. However, if the link shows a No-Follow tag, then the website shouldn’t be considered for a guest post.

High quality Guest Posting

Never think of the guest post as an advertising tactic. One should think of a guest blog as a value add opportunity that can be used for SEO benefits.

Moreover, the articles written should be informative and educational, which don’t only promote the service or product. A balance between your brand and new information should be kept to ensure the flow of traffic on your website.

With guest posts being written, the main aim should be to make an image and establish a positive relationship between the audience and yourself. Moreover, as an authority figure in the industry, you work. Introduce yourself or your company well and build relationships that are genuine with experts from other industries.

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