Your Ultimate Canadian Blogger Outreach Specialist

ArticleHub has dedicated and highly skilled outreach teams in Canada. We are recognized by leading Canadian media agencies as trusted outsourcing partners.

Putting your Brands Into The Hands of a Trusted Canadian Blogger Outreach Agency

We are an industry leader for digital marketing internationally. We are based in Canada and when it comes to the very best Canadian Blogger, Vlogger, Social Media Blogger, content provider, and publisher, this is where you come. You want the best.
We are the best. 

Campaign Creation

Many clients come to us without a clear plan of action. Our Canadian Campaign Strategists are here to help.

Finding the Bloggers that are best for you

After the campaign has been decided upon, your link builder will go to work to find the right Canadian Bloggers to begin the communications.

Around the clock support

From the first moment of your campaign to the last moment of your campaign, you have support. There is always someone available to speak to you and assist you.

Combining information gathered from bloggers, emails, clients & observation

ArticleHub believes in full disclosure. That is why we offer a 100% transparent process. When you work with us, we present you with a list of bloggers who have expressed interest in the campaign. You will select those you like. If you would like, you can approve or edit all the content before the blogger post the items online.

A professional blogger tends to complete his or her blog quickly. Since we use skilled bloggers, you can expect quick turn-around time on your campaign.

Your Growth

We will monitor your campaign and watch for growth and get you real engagements and better positions in SERP. We will be ready when you are ready to go to the next phase of your campaign.

Not Just Content

We work with your bloggers and writers. We make sure you are getting good writing. It is important to get your brand out there and connect it with interesting, thought-inducing content.


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