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5 Rules for SEO writing and keyword content writing

The time has come. You need to perform SEO optimization for your website, which requires more than link building. The Internet has more content volume than ever, which increases difficultness of website positioning in the first results. Nevertheless, the ArticleHub family has the solution. You must follow the 5 Rules for SEO and keyword content writing.


What is SEO writing?. 1

Rules for SEO writing and keyword content writing. 1

Rule N° 1: Mastering Keywords for Content writing. 1

Rule N°2: Write for people. 2

Rule N°3: Quality beats Quantity. 2

Rule 4°: Structure your content 2

Rule N°5: Be aesthetic. 3


What is SEO writing?

SEO writing can be defined as creating optimized content for websites related to different techniques that benefit their internet positioning and ranking. SEO content writing is deeply connected to using keywords and hyperlinks to phrases or specific words.

Until this point, everything seems, well, quite simple. Just use keywords that people look for in your article, and that’s not a big effort for writers. In that case, let me tell you that you’re mistaken, and here I show you why…

Rules for SEO writing and keyword content writing

Rule N° 1: Mastering Keywords for Content writing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) relies on traffic and website positioning; therefore, if you include popular keywords, it won’t guarantee you anything —especially if your website is low-key. Mastering Keywords for Content writing is learning to handle keywords difficulty and their proper use, combined with engaging content for your audience.

Significant players in your industry will be hegemonic to you and impossible to beat in the short or medium term. Therefore, you need to be competent to find that niche with keywords that have a high search volume but do not belong to an intensely competitive market.

Rule N°2: Write for people

Despite handling your keywords for content writing, remember that you need to write for others. Consequently, dear friend, writing is an art; you must make it lovely, simple, and engaging. Avoid using extensive paragraphs, complicated words, or sentences that bore your audience. People read less than ever, so…BE NICE TO YOUR READERS!

It is crucial to remember that your content is probably elsewhere on the internet, especially if we are talking about SEO, Keywords for content writing, SEM, SERP, or any other trending search online. Therefore, you need to engage your reader, make them understand all your ideas in the simplest possible way, and they’ll return.

Rule N°3: Quality beats Quantity

Despite any disadvantage on your website compared to significant competitors relying on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), your site will naturally generate traffic if you offer quality writing about quality content. People have become sharpeners on research, using a diversity of keywords for content to avoid mainstream content and find authenticity, and quality; this situation, regarding your industry, can be a good advantage against your competitors.

Some years ago, quality content appeared once in a blue moon, but now, people are fighting to fill every new market niche or create new ones. It is your chance to jump the wave and master SEO writing through engaging material and quality content.

Rule 4°: Structure your content

If you can produce high-quality content because you read all the bibliographic material from Philip Kotler and Gregory Mankiw, or even if you master the whole of Stephen King’s work, remember that content needs to be organized to succeed. Here you can see one of the most common structures on the internet:

H1) – Rules for SEO writing and keywords content writing

H2) What is SEO writing?

H3) Rules for SEO writing and Keywords content writing

H4) Mastering keywords for content writing

H5) Writing for people

H6) Quality beats quantity

H7) Structure your content

H8) Be aesthetic

Providing simple structures helps the reader locate the needed content easquicklyd prevents boredom with your website.

Rule N°5: Be aesthetic

Life on the internet shows how important it is to have a set of colors, an identity, and an engaging aesthetic on your website to triumph over competitors. Nevertheless, remember that it is not just about colors, but image quality, text font, website design, URL direction, or link location; it all sums up.

Markets niches are also centers of study; you can find that if well every brand has an identity, most of the industries share similar designs, models, or dispositions of their products because…there is nothing new under the sun. Your website must fit your market; consequently, its visual presentation is crucial to its success.

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