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Seven Proven Link Building Techniques for 2023

As Google Algorithms Tighten, These Tried-and-True Link Building Techniques Should Serve You Well in 2023 and Beyond

Building effective backlinks has been the backbone of an effective SEO strategy since Google first appeared on the search engine scene. But as webmasters flooded their sites with poor-quality links to build huge backlinking profiles, Google has responded by continually refining their algorithm in the hopes of weeding out the junk that makes for a poor user experience. That said, there are still several effective, Whitehat link building techniques that can yield huge dividends for your search engine ranking in 2023. Here are seven that we’ve found to be particularly successful.

1. Create Quality Content

If you build it, they will come. It may be a trite statement, but it holds true regarding backlinking in addition to many other aspects of digital marketing. If you create valuable content tailored to appeal to your target audience, competitors, industry experts and visitors alike are going to take note and link to your content from their website. This could be on a blog or as an explanatory page on your main site itself. However, it should not be on a direct sales page, as Google won’t count links to e-commerce pages where prospective customers can actually purchase your product or service. Quality content creation is one of the best link building techniques you can use in 2023.

Keep In Mind:

  • Know Your Target Audience: You’ve undoubtedly researched your target audience and may have even created avatars to encompass the demographics of the people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Don’t forget to construct any content you create around these personas. No one is going to want to link to a general fluff piece. Step into your prospects’ shoes and write something that you know will be of great value to them as they research the best way to accomplish their objective.
  • Include Visuals: Not only do photos and explainer videos help you get your point across in a more engaging way than straight text; Google’s algorithms are likely to rank pages which include these components higher than those that don’t.
  • Break It Up: Use headings and subheadings to logically organize your article while maintaining an overall flow. In addition to making your article easier to read, this also optimizes for Google’s snippets feature, which can cause your site to appear on the top of a search results page.

2. Create Compelling Guest Posts

Again with your target audience in mind, investigate the blog landscape relevant to your industry. Contact these bloggers, or follow their outlined guest posting procedures, and write a post that will appear on their blog which links back to your site. This expands your traffic funnel in addition to helping your search engine ranking.

Keep In Mind:

  • Follow Directions: Bloggers get particularly irked if people looking to guest post fail to follow stated procedures. So, before you send that blogger and email, search high and low for guest posting info. If you find it, make sure you adhere to the stated procedure. Doing so will get you started on the right foot toward a win-win long-term relationship.
  • Find The Authorities: You want to make sure the blogs you work with have a high DA, domain authority, to ensure that your backlinks will be most effective. Don’t waste time on low-DA sites.
  • Tailor Your Post To Their Audience: Your target audience should be the same or very similar to that of the blog in which you’re interested. Make sure you create your content with that in mind. You don’t want to spend a few hours writing a guest post only to have the blogger tell you that they won’t run it because they don’t believe the content will be of interest to their audience.

3. Social Media Outreach

In any given niche, there are hundreds, thousands or more creators on social media who people turn to when they want to know the latest and greatest product or trend. Influencer marketing is a powerful paradigm that started with bloggers and continues with TikTok whereby companies offer free products to creators in return for a social media post. You can use this paradigm to both increase your search engine ranking as well as boost your brand recognition across social media and the web. You can either reach out to these creators through their preferred channel, (which can be a painstaking process that can often yield no results in the end,) or you can use one of the many creator platforms like which serve to connect brands like yours with creators.

Keep In Mind:

  • Target Micro Influencers: While you can certainly shoot for the moon and try to get an endorsement from someone with hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions of followers, that’s out of the price range of all but the biggest-budget companies. But that’s okay, because micro influencers, with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers, are really the most effective at truly endorsing your product and bringing traffic to your site. Most platforms you’ll find primarily work with this type of influencer.
  • Utilize an Influencer Platform: Unless you have the time or resources to find the right influencer, connect with them, haggle over the value of product versus endorsement, and ensure they actually create a quality post when they receive your product, you’re better off working with an influencer marketing platform that will handle all of this for you.
  • Promote Your Post: Once an influencer posts on your behalf, don’t forget to share that post across your social media channels as well as your blog. An endorsement by an influencer is big news and can not only earn you direct traffic from the influencer’s social media profile but also encourage other sites to link to you.

4. Get Listed On Resource Pages

Many sites include pages that list resources for people interested in learning more about a given topic. The trick is to get yourself listed on these pages. So, if you’ve created a piece of quality content that you think would be particularly relevant to the visitors of a given site, contact the webmaster, refer them to your content, and ask that they include it on their Resources page.

5. Fix Broken Links

No webmaster likes broken links. So, if in your travels you come across a site in your niche that has a Resources or other page with broken links, you’re doing them a favor if you send them an email pointing out this fact. You then suggest that you have a piece of content that they may like to link to instead.

6. Fulfill HARO Requests

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a platform that connects reporters with authoritative sources on particular topics. If you sign up to the platform and answer any requests that come your way, you can quickly build backlinks from authoritative sites as well as burnishing your bona fides as an authority in your niche.

7. Gain Brand Mentions

Similar to social media outreach, the goal here is for a high-authority blog or online publication to publish an article that mentions your brand. This not only gives you enormous street cred; it brings enthusiastic traffic straight to your site. You can use a service like ArticleHub that has connections to top-tier publications as well as a team of seasoned writers who can write the article for you. The result is increased exposure of your brand across social media and the web.

Conclusion on the seven link building techniques to apply in 2023

Apply these seven link building techniques in 2023 and keep an eye in your site search engine ranking. You should see good results.

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