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What is Google Search Console and why your business should use it

Your company’s website is no longer just about communicating your value proposition and showcasing product portfolios. It has become the official place for converting leads into buying customers, and businesses without one can’t possibly rise against the competition.

In all aspects of business, staying on top of competitors means monitoring what works and what doesn’t. This same philosophy should be applied when managing one’s website. The demand has never been higher for internet shopping, and this growth is not going away any time soon. Today more than ever, websites help establish credibility and generate new business. And, just like first impressions count when physically setting foot in a brick and mortar establishment, so do initial clicks to enter your online store.

Unfortunately, building a website with awesome design is not enough to get noticed by today’s consumers. In this digital era, where your site’s homepage is similar to the front entrance of your physical store, you certainly want to make sure your pages look welcoming. There is no doubt about that. However, it is imperative to keep tabs on how much traffic your webpages are driving and understand why your site may not be performing the way you would like it to from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. Today’s business owners are using website monitoring tools in order to accomplish this effectively. Through comprehensive dashboards and reports, these tools enable end-to-end visibility into critical metrics and website health, so you can easily monitor your search engine presence.

These days, the best way to increase website traffic is to make yourself visible on Google.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free tool provided by Google to help anyone with a website track, maintain and manage their site’s presence in search results. Used most often by website administrators in an effort to boost their site’s SEO, this intuitive mechanism helps identify problems in order to improve ranking.

Maintaining a website for your business is far from being easy and getting it up and running is only half the battle. And let’s face it, having a company website is pretty much useless if no one is visiting. You want a site that provides valuable content to attract consumers to browse repeatedly. However, making it searchable on Google so you can drive more visitors to it takes time and effort to master. This is where GSC becomes your best friend.

Some of the issues your site could be experiencing lie in its content and settings. Common technical issues negatively affecting a website’s performance can be anything from questionable link building techniques and URLs with 404 errors, to slow page loading speeds and poor mobile navigation. Using GSC to view all of the problems in one place allows your business to be more proactive and change what is hurting you from appearing higher in search engine results.

You can start making your website shine in search right now. We have discovered an article where Hubspot explains how to add your website to GSC in a few, easy to follow steps.

Why every business should use it.

Briefly, it helps you see how well your company’s website is performing on Google search results and when you can see it, you can do something about it! It is one of most powerful free tools for SEO that facilitates the analysis of your site so that you don’t have to scratch your head wondering why it doesn’t show up on page 1 to internet users searching for keywords linked to your market niche.

A few reasons why we love using the tool:

  1. It helps you uncover your highest and lowest-traffic pages and identify which ones rank higher than others
  2. It allows you to learn the pages that generate more backlinks and which sites tend to link to you the most
  3. It pulls insightful data on how often your website comes up in search results, along with total number of impressions, click-through-rates (CTR) and for which pages
  4. It inspects the index status of each of your pages to learn which ones Google has crawled and the reasons why it has or has not

Finally, we aren’t sure whether you caught it earlier but, GSC is completely free of charge, so why not get started today?

Have you already started using the Google Search Console tool? If so, give us your feedback by leaving a comment below!

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