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Top Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Link Building for Small Businesses

Small businesses struggle to gain market traction due to the high cost of marketing. Influencer marketing is however making it easier to penetrate the market in the early stages due to the ease of link building. Even without a robust marketing budget, you can partner with an influencer to reach your audience on various social media platforms.

The way influencer marketing works for link building is that you find an influential website in your niche and get them to promote your content. That way, your own brand finds reach to a bigger audience and their range of influence.

Here are the top reasons to work with an influencer marketer for your link building strategy. 

  • Influencers help you build a narrative of trust in your products

Most people don’t find advertisements appealing. With issues on data security and targeting ads, the audience tends to be more skeptical about ads. You don’t have to worry about the same when you partner with an influencer to link to your product.

People are likely to use links from those they trust when purchasing. The influencer already has an impact on their followers. By linking back to your product, the followers will likely trust its quality.

The influencer already understands what works best for the target audience. By collaborating with them you get a new perspective and upgrade your storytelling to reach the audience. You can also repurpose the influencer content to your website or social networks to build a level of trust.

  • Influencers help you reach a specific audience directly

The current link building setup is full of new information. With millions of brands reaching the same population on the various platforms, it becomes hard to cut through the noise. Without a working link building strategy, you might end up creating content that never converts. As a small business, you might also take some time before beating the established competition.

Influencers understand the competition in the online space, and they have already mastered a formula to reach the targeted audience. By partnering with the influencer you let them handle the hard work of reaching an audience. They then lead the audience to you through the back links.

Influencers specialize in specific topics. For example, there are influencers for fashion, home decor, makeup, fitness, marketing, and many more niches. The influencers only attract those interested in their areas of specialization. As such, when you work with an influencer you not only reach the target audience but also the ones already interested in your products.

  • Increased brand awareness

Brand awareness plays a critical role in purchase decisions. Most people are likely to purchase brands they are familiar with. This makes it tougher to penetrate the market as a small business looking to break into the market.

For example, when a family is shopping for soft drinks, they are likely to purchase only the established brands that have been operational for the longest time. They won’t even worry about the prices. What they are unaware of is that a newer brand might be offering better prices and more nutritional values.

This is an issue that you can avoid when you partner with an influencer marketer. If the family follows the influencer then they would have most probably learned about the better deals and values from the new brand.

The purchasing model works for every other product. People tend to buy only what they know about. As a small business, you cannot afford the mainstream media spaces. Send out the word about your products and services through influencers.

  • Save money

Paid advertisements cost a lot of money. A few minutes of airtime on national television will cost you money your small business cannot sustain. The other options like branded messages also require photographers, models, locations, and other aspects that cost money.

You still cannot avoid finding ways to reach your target audience even if it costs a lot of money. Instead, you will create marketing objectives to reach the audience while spending the least. Influencer marketing is your best alternative.

Most influencer marketers charge a flat fee for every post shared. They also provide alternative compensation means like freebies, affiliate, and promotional codes for commissions.

There are also higher chances of content going viral on social media when shared by an influencer. It means more people will find your back links hence visit your site.

  • Assured returns on marketing investments

It can be quite frustrating when you use all your money for back linking but do not get any tangible results. For a small business, it can mean taking longer to penetrate the market. Make good use of your investments by working with an influencer marketer. For every $1 you spend on an influencer marketer you will get $5.78 in returns account to Influencer Marketing Hub.

As a small business, you most probably lack the budget for trial and error for a back linking strategy. By working with an influencer, you increase your chances of success, An influencer already has metrics to use such as the number of followers and engagement to determine if they are the right fit for your business.

Bottom Line

As a small business, you need to build trust and cut through the noise to attract your target audience. Influencer marketing provides the most effective, affordable, and worthy means to link back to your services. Partner with the right influencer to reach your back linking goals.

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