Best Practices for Content Marketing in 2020

Best Practices for Content Marketing in 2020

Before jumping to the significance and on-going trends of Content Marketing in 2020, let us tell you what content marketing actually is. The art of attracting your audience and wooing them into your potential customers with the help of your relevant and valuable content is termed as Content Marketing.

These days, content marketing is more effective as compared to traditional marketing that is why it is widely being used across the globe. According to the statistics, content marketing is found 3 times more influential than that of paid advertisement.

Top examples of renowned brands that have best practices for content marketing are; Coca Cola, American Express, Toshiba, Intel, and the list goes on.

So, without wasting your time anymore let’s jump to the biggest trends of Content Marketing in 2020.


A recent study shows that user-generated content is more influential than that of the brand content. Your target audience will be attracted more from the first-hand experience of your customers rather than your brand’s product description.

For e.g. travellers search and rely on the tourists’ experience more than that of any tour company. So here what you need to do is inspire your customers to create and engage in user-generated content for your audience.

The other plus point for you is that you will not have to worry about new ideas and content pieces nor any added resources or time consumption, just sit back and let your loyal community play the game.


In 2020, there would hardly be anyone who does not use any sort of social media. In 2021, the stats of social media users are likely to increase to up to 3.1 billion.  

Social media provides you the platform to reach a massive possible audience. The information you share with your followers keeps updating them of your current doings. Furthermore, by hitting the sharing option, they then spread your content pieces to the people who aren’t aware of your brand.

Another advantage of using this content marketing in 2020 is that your followers can easily interact with you in comment boxes etc., resulting in more traffic to your web.


Marketing via video & live streaming is a popular trend of 2020, thanks to all such modes; YouTube, live streaming on social media, website, Tiktok, etc. Research shows that almost 54% of consumers prefer video content from their go-to brand or business.  So, incorporating videos is a lively and preferred practice of content marketing in 2020.

Other than advertising your content, you can easily have an interaction session with your customers and target audience for example a live Q & A session and many more.


The thing which can significantly improve your content appearance and strategy is the use of visual data within your marketing piece. By creating attractive graphics, you not just make your content look prettier, but you also give a clear picture of your content to the audience, making it easier to comprehend and accept it.

You can find many websites creating paragraphs in images form with vibrant boxes and cool graphics to give the best possible presentation to your content marketing.


The one-on-one conversation always leaves a fruitful impact on the buyer’s mind. It is by far the best marketing tactic that is why it is still notable in 2020. By having a conversational marketing strategy, you develop a certain bond with your audience, giving them an experience of satisfying human buying.

Personal conversations with your potential customers give you a clear picture of their needs and requirements, giving you a free hand to shape your content strategy according to it.

This kind of content marketing can be done via different platforms such as live customer support, e-mail marketing, chat boxes etc. Step up your content marketing strategy in 2020 by boosting your conversational marketing so that you can learn more about your potential customers.


You must have noticed that whenever you google something, the most relevant answers along with the basic keywords appears on the topmost of the searched links. This is what google snippets are! Every business wishes to be on that list whenever they publish their content.

The reason is, having the highlights of your key search being visible in front of you automatically attracts you to open the link and see what’s there in it. As a result, more traffic on the website is generated. From the customer’s point of view, it’s the fastest way of getting a hold on your required accurate and useful information.

You can easily optimize your content for free which will result in lead generation and website promotion. All you have to do is put in relevant keywords.

By now, you must have got a clear picture of strategies that are useful for content marketing in 2020. Apply these practices and see your business getting a kick start!

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