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What Are Keywords Grouping and How Can You Use Them

Do you use a focused keyword for your website or blog? It isn’t wrong to do so but by doing so, you are missing out on potential opportunities for traffic. Keywords grouping can help you in taking advantage of these missed opportunities. To bring organic traffic to your website, your content must reflect what the people are searching for. A web page can rank for one keyword but you can also use multiple keywords and ranked for them. Instead of working on one keyword, similar and related keywords used throughout the webpage will bring more organic traffic.

What is meant by keywords grouping?

Keywords grouping is the process of using related keywords on a web page. What this does is create a group of keywords that are similar and related to one another. Now the next step is to create content optimized for multiple keywords. There are several benefits that this process can bring to your website.

  • Similar search terms will bring more traffic to your web page. If you use two or more keywords related to each other, organic traffic for each of these keywords will be directed towards your website.
  • When a single keyword is used in multiple posts, it is likely that none of the posts will rise to the top. For instance, if you run a parenting blog then instead of just optimizing your content for ‘best parenting advice’. ‘parenting skills’, ‘parenting tips’, ‘great parenting advice’, ‘ free parenting advice’, ‘ best parenting guide’ are all related keywords to ‘best parenting advice’ and if the content is not optimized using keywords grouping, a website is losing the opportunity to be visible to more users.

How to apply keywords grouping to your content?

Search engine optimizers have been using keywords grouping for some time now. It is a highly beneficial method of getting more organic traffic and visibility for a website. Now to implement keywords group to a website, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Find related search terms

Before forming keywords grouping, it is essential to compile a list of keywords from which to choose relevant keywords. For this purpose, choose a single keyword that you want to rank for or one that you have already used on your website. From this single keyword you can get a list of relevant keywords in research tools available online. The list that you procure from the research tool will most likely be very long but you do not have to use all of the keywords. The main goal of finding keywords is that a search engine optimizer doesn’t ever have to go back and find more keywords.

  • Make keyword groups

Now you have a list of scattered keywords, what next? Create few main groups from this list of keywords. When you are making keyword groups looks at your driving force that is your visitors to the website. It is ideal to make keyword groups with keywords that are creating conversation and driving traffic to your website.

When looking at keywords, there are following questions that should be asked:

  • Which search terms are important for the website/business? This gives an idea about who you are targeting.
  • Which terms will have a negative impact? Such terms are negative keywords

This helps in narrowing down the keyword list by eliminating any negative keywords. Now on basis of which online research tool you are using, you can choose a category for keywords grouping. The search tool will run the list of keywords generated in the first step. And it will come out with numerous groups based on the main keyword you chose and the list of keywords driven from it.

An important point to note is that the online search tools can sometimes come up with keywords and keywords groups that have terms that are irrelevant to the website. It can include a city or area which is not relevant. It is important to weed out the irrelevant keywords.

How to use keywords groupings for SEO

Now that you have understood what keywords grouping can do and how it is done, it’s time to create content. When you are writing content for the website or when you are creating a post, use a few or all of the keywords. It is essential to understand that creating content around the keywords grouping does not eliminate the need to create high quality content. Creating content that is authentic, optimized, informational and relevant to the users is important.

Keywords grouping might not look like too complicated, it is however an important part of search engine optimization strategy. Search engine optimizers should go back and revise the keywords list once in a while. When adding a new category to the website, make sure to add more content with relevant keywords. Create stronger keywords groups. Generate new keywords to add in the content so the message is clear and crisp. It is also important to stay in touch with the ongoing changes in the industry and market.

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