Google trends and SEO – Tips on how to deal with them

Google trends and SEO – Tips on how to deal with them

Google trends is an invaluable tool for any marketer. It gives you insights regarding your marketing endeavors and helps in SEO. Due to its great advantages, every marketer needs to know about it and utilize it in its best way.

This article will dive deep into Google trends and SEO and give tips on how to deal with them.

Google trends and SEO – Explaining what they are

Google Trends is a free service that offers statistics and data on using different search words found on Google and YouTube.

It was first launched in 2006 and was later released in May 2018 as an advanced version.

Google trends can be used to:

  • Check out what’s trending lately.
  • Identify themes or subtopics inside or around the market.
  • Discover the local patterns in your area.

On the other hand, SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization.” Simply put, this means optimizing your website to improve its exposure for related searches. The higher exposure your pages get in search results, the more likely you will draw attention and draw prospective and current customers to your site.

Tips on using google trends and SEO

Here are a few ways you may utilize Google trends and SEO for your advantage.

Do keyword research

You may do free keyword analysis on Google Trends by inserting a particular search phrase in the search box on its homepage.

By default, this will run a search of Google’s most common keywords – but you may also change it to check YouTube search data instead.

Google Trends will show a graph of the result of the search word over the last year. You may also alter the timeframe by extending its range.

Looking at the last two to three years of results, relative to the last year alone, will help you differentiate between fads and real patterns.

The keyword analysis feature helps recognize keywords that are becoming more popular and avoid keywords that are becoming less popular over time.

Plan your content according to the seasons

The majority of the sectors are seasonally influenced. Even the number of automobile searches can vary as much as 70% from month – to – month. And everyone knows how festivals, seasons, and conditions impact the travel industry.

You may use Google Trends to forecast the seasonal demands for keywords that are important to your company and prepare ahead to take advantage of trends at the right time.

By looking at patterns in the quest for generic keywords, you might even find secret opportunities!

Looking for geographic trends

80% of people are using Google for searching location-specific information. And, since patterns frequently originate from one place at once, it is also common that the general interest in merchandise and services fluctuate between locations. .

For instance, the search for “Oscars” was 21% in 2019 and 18 percent higher in Nebraska and Washington DC than California or NYC’s artistic centers.

You may relate this to a lower average search rate in Nebraska due to a higher proportion of internet users in rural areas. However, if you dig further, you may come to know that there may be other aspects at hand.

Omaha, the largest town in Nebraska, drives the search results and hints at something more. Perhaps there is a higher circulation of the publication, and the main article drove interest at an ideal moment.

If you can identify common local patterns in terms of search terms that are important to your goods or services, it is worth looking at and benefitting from local campaigns and content.

Internal linking

Internal links are basically backlinks from one webpage to another on the website. They help people move from page to page, spread ‘connect authority’ around the web, and Google even uses the anchor text to understand the meaning.

The main issue is that there will be little to no internal linking any time you post a new page. Therefore, if you want your page to have the highest chance of ranking, it makes sense to add more internal links.

Use blog posts as videos

People enjoy various types of content, depending on their tastes. Some of them like videos, while others like to read. Therefore, the simple way to hit a broader audience is to reuse blog entries as videos.

However, how do you work out which blog posts are a better fit for repurposing than others?

If the post still attracts a lot of organic traffic, it’s a strong choice for repurposing. You may then insert the video in your blog post to cater to more visitors.

You may also consider repurposing content on subjects that people are looking for on YouTube.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed Google Trends and SEO and gave a few tips on dealing with them for your marketing endeavors.

Both of these are invaluable tools you may use to increase your chances of visibility and likeability online.

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