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The Ultimate Guide to Blogger Outreach for Link Building

Reaching the target audience is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business. There are already several established businesses that you must beat to enjoy any market traction. Link building, however, provides a good way to create a functional outbound marketing strategy at a low cost.

Blogger outreach is one of the most useful marketing strategies. It helps build backlinks that lead customers to your website. It is also a way to create a connection with other industry leaders and experts for mutual benefit.

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is all about reaching out to established bloggers and other website owners to help you get your name or product in front of their audiences. In most cases, you will let them accept a guest post from you and you will later gain from the backlinks when their audience clicks on your links.

There are other blogger outreach options like co-hosting a webinar, appearing as a guest on their podcasts, and speaking at conferences. However, for your link building best practices consider the option of guest posting.

Blogger outreach works like building any other friendship. You start by connecting then later offering your outreach ideas. You will first offer a way to help through your content, before later on requesting a favor on backlinking. When done right, both parties will end up with lasting relations and undertake various projects.

How to Do Smart Blogger Outreach

While the blogger outreach seems an easy prospect for link building, it’s anything else but that. There is a lot of competition in the market. The few top-quality blogs keep getting requests from hundreds of businesses willing to partner.

Handling the same work over and over again soon becomes boring. It is the same challenge the blog owners face as they have to read similar outreach requests every other day.

That is not to stop you from seeking a blogger outreach opportunity for your website. Instead, it’s a call to let you know that you have to stay different to get the attention of prospective content partners. Here are some of the tips to make you stand out when seeking blogger outreach opportunities.

1- Use an effective approach

There are two main approaches when looking for blogger outreach opportunities; sniper and shotgun approach.

The sniper approach is where you look for specific targets to send highly personalized emails. This approach is based on getting value on a more targeted base. For a shotgun option, you send emails to a large number of targets without necessarily personalizing the messages. This approach is all about scaling.

Most bloggers tend to use the shotgun option as it takes less time, requires less effort, and feels like you are making more tractions. In reality, it doesn’t come with the needed tangible results.

The most effective approach is the sniper that focuses more on personalization and creating a relationship for better chances of backlinks. To use the sniper approach, you must observe the next steps.

2- Finding the right prospect

Now that you understand how to approach the various sites for blogger outreach, it’s time to start looking for prospects. An effective link building strategy requires you to work with a relevant prospect.

The first way to find your prospect is by reaching out to people you have featured in your content. Another option is to reach out to choose who has written content on the same topic. Anyone who has written on your topic is likely to be receptive when you contact them.

Those linking out to the content of the same topic are another group to contact. They are likely to offer backlinks to your content when you reach out. You can also use social media to find those tweeting or discussing the topic.

3- Reaching out to the prospects

Determining your prospect is one thing, reaching out is another. Finding the right contact details takes time and can be tedious. However, you have to spend that extra time to ensure your message is delivered to the intended audience.

The other aspect of reaching out to the prospect is crafting the perfect pitch. Make it clear why you are reaching out without wasting time. Show the prospect how they will benefit from your content.

Use the pitch to show your expertise. Evoke curiosity using the headline and keep and the pitch with a clear call to action.

Expect both the possibility of rejection and acceptance when you reach out. However, follow up only once in case you don’t get feedback.

4- Delivering top-quality content

Your content quality is the most important part of the blogger outreach for link building. An authority site will only link back to your site if the content delivers what the audience is looking for.

Create content that matches the existing ones on the site. You can create better content or use a unique approach to the topics. With the right quality, the traffic will click on your links for more traffic, leads, and sales on your site.

Bottom Line

Blogger outreach is a cost-effective means for backlinks building for your site. Reach out to authority sites that will offer you high traffic and authority. In return, offer them top-quality content.

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