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Link Building Program for the Gambling Industry from ArticleHub

With the gambling industry already massive and high number of gambling casinos listed on the Global Stock Exchange, it’s hard to get yourself noticed. According to a reports compiled in 2019, the online gambling industry will be worth around $105 Billion in 2025. Online casinos acting now to get themselves noticed with the gambling link building can succeed in the long term.

ArticleHub works with bloggers to get the relevant outreach and long-lasting links, guaranteed to improve the traffic and rankings alike. The world of gambling is a unique one, and that’s the reason ArticleHub is experienced in building links for the casino industry. Having a network of thousands of websites in different languages such as Italian, English, French and many more – each site with their various niches are used in a number of different ways.

Gambling Link Building with ArticleHub

The Strategy:

Knowing how competitive the gambling industry is, ArticleHub gives casino owners an edge over their rivals with their new program. The links aren’t made just for the sake of it. Proper planning is taken place that grants owners direct access to 10,000 bloggers willing to accept gambling links.

 SEO Using Right Way:

ArticleHub not only increases the domain authority along with the visibility and reach of your website but also does it the right way. Using only White Hat SEO Methods as defined by Google, they make sure your website isn’t penalized. Moreover, the steady posting of articles with quality links ensures casinos get the attention they deserve.

What Type of Websites are Used for Link Building

There are too many categories to choose from while building links. However, choosing the one which will bring the most relevant traffic and visibility is the one to go for.

Common categories that casinos go after are listed below. However, we have refined them to make to list only those which are relevant to the Gambling industry.

If access to SEMrush and Ahrefs is available, a casino website can be analyzed in a matter of seconds to reveal the backlinks plus the domain authority and how it has impacted that website. Using this report, ArticleHub performs a detailed analysis and generates a plan that caters to their clients.

Gambling and Casino

The websites that cater to casino and gambling audience are perfect for gambling link building. These not only contain different games such as blackjack and roulette but also have an audience that is interactive and relevant. Users can easily drive traffic from blog websites and build high-quality backlinks with it.

Moreover, Poker news websites are also perfect for link building as they allow articles to be submitted with a little crisp added to it. This allows for a wider audience and easily reaches the relevant audience.

Gaming Sites

There are so many gaming blogs available online that range from Xbox gaming to retro ones. However, card game websites hold the most value as they have the highest traffic per day. Along with it, other websites that feature board games can be used as well to drive traffic on to the casino website and reach the relevant audience.

Leisure and Lifestyle

Although these websites don’t drive enough traffic and aren’t as important as the first two for gambling link building – they do bring some relevant audience. The website involving lifestyle and leisure can be used to target readers of the entertainment section along with culture, travel, and hobbies. The audience of these sections can be easily tied to an attraction of casinos, whereby many will be tourists. Furthermore, gambling is a hobby for many, and hence the attraction to a culture of a casino along with the gambling hobby will attract the right audience to the website.

Sports website

Many gamblers take gambling as a sport and involve gambling in it. Blogs and websites that feature sports-related material can also be used to attract the right audience for betting.

How to Check for the Quality of Gambling Link Building

A paying client has every right to know the quality of the links being made. Hence, at ArticleHub, clients are kept in the loop. It’s also imperative that the quality of links is checked to ensure safety and to avoid penalization from Google. To ensure the backlinks one is buying is of high quality and provides the relevant traffic plus value – the links must be checked.

Here’s what to keep in mind while checking the quality of links for gambling websites:

  1. The Domain Authority of the website must be 30 or above
  2. The organic traffic of the website should be 1,000 or above minimum per day to ensure a steady flow of audience
  3. Check for traffic movement to allow a deeper analysis. If traffic drops suddenly at a certain point – it indicates a Google penalty which casinos can factor in a while making their decisions. If the website still has a steady but strong flow of traffic even after a penalty, it should still be taken into consideration
  4. Don’t re-use a website. If a website already has provided a link, there’s no need to get another from the same domain. To check this, the “linked Domains” tab can be used while using the Ahrefs tool
  5. The number of linking domains to casino websites should be below 35. If in case it’s higher, the chances are that the website isn’t authoritative and won’t provide value to the website which is being targeted.
  6. Beware of the advertising pages. If any website openly offers links at a certain price or mentions to help with the SEO openly, then it should be avoided.

Wrapping Up

If long term strategy is used for gambling link building and keeping in mind the white hat method of SEO – a website can increase its Domain Authority along with its traffic and visibility. Not only this but working with some of the most successful online casino companies, ArticleHub can ensure that the competition is beaten and consistent ranking results are achieved. Avoiding risky decisions and a long-term viewpoint is what a site needs to be successful.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to Contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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