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AI Content Vs Human Writers: Should You Consider Making the Switch?

For less than $30 a month, you could subscribe to a service that lets you create up to 20,000 words a month of ad copy, blog posts, emails, and other kinds of copy for your website and marketing campaigns. Compare that to a team of writers that cost thousands and take forever to deliver, and you a classic “robots will take over our jobs” scenario.

Don’t be so quick to fire your content team, however. Even though there is something solid behind the hype about AI robotic content writers, they are far from replacing human copywriters. In fact, they are more useful as tools to help writers be more productive and creative.

Here’s the scoop on AI storytellers like Jarvis from and many others on the market. We will also cover how you can invest in such modern tools to supercharge your content marketing team in a win-win situation for everybody.

The Good: AI-Powered Content Can be Mind-Blowingly Good

Washington Post has been using an AI-powered bot called Heliograf to help get stories to press faster than ever before. Yahoo and Fox have also adopted similar technology, and all these brands have good reasons for doing so.

Using natural language generation, these bots are able to create engaging stories from data, news snippets, and pieces of information fed into them. They are mostly used where technical content is required such as covering election races and business reporting.

These tools rely heavily on human users to create formats, feed them structured data, and correct any errors, they can create thousands of templated content at the push of a button and much faster than any team of humans could.

More importantly, these tools rely on data. They have the power to create highly targeted and personalized content, make it visually appealing, and create neat summaries to make them as engaging as bots can. For this reason, many top corporates are also using these platforms to scan big data and generate insightful reports for their business needs.

Of course, AI bots are also used extensively as chatbots to engage users in customer service, as well as to help create quick video scripts that incorporate video marketing.

If you really think that bots can’t become as “creative” and original as humans, try guessing whether these poems were created by a human or machine.

The Bad: AI is Not Really “Intelligent”

How many did you get right on the test above?

The thing is, the bots that created some of those poems were painstakingly trained to do so by teams of humans. Through thousands and millions of similar human-created poems, the bots learned to mimic styles and play with words.

There have been many equally disastrous attempts to have bots recreate popular tales. As reported by The Guardian, an AI was fed with the opening line to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice — “It is a truth universally acknowledged …” The results were far from impressive, and a second attempt with George Orwell’s 1984 was even more terrible.

That’s not to say that bots can’t tell compelling stories and tell them well — there have even been fears that they could be used to create deep fakes and spread misinformation on the web. However, these bots could not possibly capture the humanity that only a good human writer can express.

Emotion, fear, relatability, complexity, vulnerability, belief, and passion are some of the things that make us human. You should be surprised that netizens online crave human connection as much as they do in personal interactions, and bots can hardly provide that.

The Compromise: AI Tools Plus Writers Makes a Winning Team

What companies like Reuters, The Washington Post, and Yahoo! realized is that bots and humans need not be fighting. These are some things bots can do really well, but they could never take the place of human writers and content marketers.

For years now, content marketing teams have been using these AI bots as tools to take advantage of their ability to create engaging, highly targeted, and accurate text quickly. A recent study approximates that 56.5% of CMOs use AI for personalization and predictive analytics.

Plus, Salesforce estimates that such teams could be twice as effective as their entirely human counterparts. Used correctly, AI-powered tools could help to make your content marketing team more effective.

How to Use AI Bots in Copywriting

1- Simple, Technical Writing

When you need to generate data-based reports such as business news, stock market reports, and sports updates, AI-powered tools could be perfect for you. Using standard formatting and highly accurate, research-based intelligence, they can help you get your news articles out faster.

You can also use these tools to help generate business insights, reports, and other technical pieces that could otherwise be too expensive and time-consuming to create with human teams.

2- Create Hyper-Personalized Content

AI bots and tools have the unique ability to use data to create hyper-targeted content for any type of audience. This makes your content more engaging, relatable, and even fun for your audience.

3- Achieve More Productivity

It’s no secret that writers can be difficult to work with. Writer’s block and lack of reliability are terrible enemies for content calendars, which is why AI tools can help give them the extra push when they need it. Whether it’s to help generate ideas or create drafts for your more unique content, AI tools can be invaluable in this aspect.

4- Improve Your Content Strategy

Bots are going to stick to the rules you set, which makes them very good at creating tonnes of topic clusters. If you want to build a massive content base for relevance and SEO purposes, using these tools to develop and implement your content strategy is one of the best ways to do so.

5- Enhance SEO Performance

Google relies on AI-powered algorithms, so it is only right to pit AI content bots against Google. From keyword optimization to content structure and readability, these tools could be your secret weapon to hack those rankings.


Writers and content marketers shouldn’t worry about bots any time soon unless they lack the skills to work with them in the first place. These tools are invaluable in improving content performance in various ways.

If you are curious to learn more, talk to us for more information about how to make your content more powerful using the best modern tools.

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