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A Guide to Using Guest Posting as a Link Building Strategy

As a content marketer, there is always the chance you have heard about guest posting. It is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks to your content.

While most probably you already know about guest posting, there’s a high chance you don’t understand how to do it right. Here is a guide to help you with the guests blogging for link building.

What is guest posting?

Also known as guest blogging, guest posting is publishing an article on someone else’s website.

Writing for other websites comes with several advantages. It widens your brand reach and creates brand awareness.  Guests posting also offers you one of the best means to reach a newer audience and present your expertise, knowledge, and services.

The other known importance of guest posting is link building. It exposes you to a larger visitor base which comes with more targeted traffic.

Given the various benefits, determine your marketing strategy goals before you start. Understand whether you want to set yourself as an authority, seeking traffic, or looking for backlinks. With the goal in mind, you can reach the ideal sites for your guests posting.

If you are after getting backlinks from the guest post then an authoritative, high-quality post in a popular blog will work best for you. When people like you work on a blog they will search for your blog. And when they find you are providing the right content, they will link to you.

How to Guest Post for Successful Link Building

Guest posting is not all about looking for popular sites then pitching with them. Instead, it’s a well-calculated marketing strategy that needs time and planning.

Here is the step-by-step guide to successful guest posting for link building.

1- Finding the guest posting opportunities

The first step towards guest posting is to find the right site to publish your article. Start by looking for sites that accept guest posting within your niche. Search for the opportunities by using your niche plus terms like “guest post”, “write for us”, “guests blog” on search engines and social media platforms.

The other way to find guest posting opportunities is by looking for the websites where other people in your niche guest post. There is a high chance these websites will accept your pitch if you can prove to be as valuable as the others.

Also, consider analyzing your competition backlink profile to understand where they guest post.

Once you have the several possible sites that accept guest posts, settle on the one with high authority and posts quality content. The site should also allow you to include your links and have high traffic.

2- Create a pitch that won’t be ignored

Your pitch determines your chances of getting accepted for a guest posting opportunity. Most high authority sites get tons of guest posting requests, you have to stand out to increase your chances of acceptance.

Research about the site before any other thing to determine the target audience and type of content. You can also establish gaps and how to improve the site. Who receives your pitch also matters. Send it to a person, not a website. Any signs of being unsure will get your pitch rejected even before reading.

Be direct in your submission. Tell the receiver about yourself, what you offer and how they can benefit from your guest post.

3- Write a guest post that attracts traffic to your site

Do you think you have invested everything in your pitch? Buckle up, there is more to do for the post. You have no option but to get the content creation right if you want to attract traffic.

The first step to writing the ideal post is by providing what the reader is looking for. Most people read blogs for solutions to various challenges. Let your post be their solution.

Every component must work for the benefit of the reader. Use the headline to attract them then keep them reading along by providing in-depth information. Also, make the content easy to digest through the use of visuals and dividing the blog into sections.

4- Linking to your site

A guest post allows you the space for your biography and to add a link. Most people tend to link to their home page. However, this reduces your chances of creating a sales funnel.

For better results, link to the exact outcome you wish to achieve through the link. For example, follow your blog or sign up for your newsletter.

5- Reply to comments on the post

Your work does not end immediately you publish a guest blog on the site. Instead, you have to engage the audience on a personal level.

Reply to comments on the post and answer questions. Staying active increases your conversion rates.

In Conclusion

Guest posting remains the best way to get quality backlinks to your website. You however must be intentional about how you go about the whole process. Only guest post to relevant sites and provide top quality content.

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