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SwingTalk is a device that provides comprehensive data on a golfer swing when it is attached to the grip of a golf club. SwingTalk sensor provides a wireless connection to the smartphone using Bluetooth.

Tactics & Services

* Increase brand awareness online for the New SwingTalk Mobile Golf Simulator
* Boost App Store ranking in the category Sport
* Promote the New Mobile Golf Simulator with Golf
* Influencers and Youtubers reviews of the Mobile App
* Engaging potential viewers to drive YouTube video hits
* Grow Twitter popularity during a two-month period


1 %
Increase in Twitter Retweets
1 %
Increase in Twitter Retweets
1 %
Increase in Twitter Users
to Top 100
Boost App Store Ranking in Sport

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Gerard Szatvanyi

"Those guys have access to a lot of bloggers…After just three months together we made more progress with our link building campaigns than our previous agency had in 2 years. This growth in performance and revenue after such a short period has far exceeded our expectations. It seems rare that an agency can offer such a good service and terms at the same time."


Joanne Carry

"Marketplace Events partnered with ArticleHub.ca on our search for Home + Garden Trendsetter of the Year. The goal: to create an outreach program for qualified home, garden, and lifestyle bloggers in order to find new talent and a fresh stage personality to appear at our home shows. Immediately ArticleHub.ca understood the concept and value of the added exposure for bloggers. Through ArticleHub.ca we were able to reach many bloggers who would have been otherwise unaware, collect multiple submissions, and find our Home + Garden Trendsetter of the Year."


Bob Craig

"We recently discovered Ana Maria at ArticleHub.ca. She helped us to create and manage Blogger Outreach campaigns while she engaged tons of influencers and greatly improved our clients’ SEO."

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